Initial Consultation:
For your first chiropractic visit, please expect at least 45 minutes for a thorough history, physical assessment, and treatment. This does not account for time required to fill out intake forms (see below). If you have any relevant investigations (x-rays, bone scans, medical reports, etc) please bring them to your visit. You will be required to move into different positions to be assess ranges of motion, muscle length and muscle strength. Please wear clothing that allows for full range of motion. Gowns are available to change into if required.

If this is your first chiropractic visit and you are at all nervous, you are welcome to bring a friend or family for support.

Please help us ensure your appointment, and the appointments after you, runs on time by printing and bringing the following form. Alternatively please come 5 minutes prior to your treatment time to complete.
Intake Form

Subsequent Visits:
All subsequent visits are approximately 15 minutes long based. Treatments will be based on what was found during the initial consultation and will include soft tissue work, chiropractic manipulation and rehabilitation as required.

If you have a new injury that you would like Dr. Fong to assess, please let the clinic know beforehand to allocate more time.