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$75 – Initial Consultation – Your first visit includes a health history, physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
$55 – Subsequent – A standard follow up treatment of an examined area.
$75 – Extended Subsequent – A follow up treatment of more than one area with preference to more soft tissue work. (Cannot be booked online, please consult the chiropractor if you qualify for this booking)
*direct billing available

Children Under 18:
$55 – Initial Consultation
$40 – Subsequent
*direct billing available

Student Pricing (with a valid student card):
$60 – Initial Consultation
$40 – Subsequent
*direct billing available

ICBC Claims:
For all ICBC claims, $0 for 25 visits within 3 months of the claim date. This is directly billed on your behalf.

Premium MSP:
A portion of your treatment is covered if you have premium MSP, which will be directly billed. Please consult with the front desk to confirm how much your appointment will cost.